Sunday, April 25, 2010

The ABC’S of Writing

by Lupe Fernandez
A is for Animal magnetism I have from being a writer.

B is for Bad Ass MoFo dance when I come up with a new story idea.

C is for Counting Words.

D is for Depression.

E is for Electronic Media.

F is for F$%@*!!! Manuscript.

G is for Gerunds.

H is for Hyperbole.

I is for Indirect Objects.

J is for Jeepers if I’d known writing a YA Novel was this hard, I’d have taken up lion taming.

K is for Keeping The Faith.

L is for Listening to Critiques.

M is for Mixed Metaphors.

N is for No.

O is for Objective Correlative.

P is for Possessive Pronouns.

Q is for Query Letter.

R is for Rewrite. Rewrite. Rewrite. Repeat. Rinse. Rewrite.

S is for Symbolism.

T is for Thesaurus.

U is for Usually I never talk about my writing process or discuss future story ideas with anyone out of an irrational fear of never finishing a project.

V is for Vowels A E I O U.

W is for Waiting for a Response.

X is for Xenon gas used in a photo flash unit taking my picture to appear on a book jacket.

Y is for Your manuscript does not meet our needs.

Z is for Zowie! Famous editor/agent/author spoke to me!


  1. V is for victory when you finally sell it!! V is for visioning the book in print.
    W is for "Why am I writing this?"
    X is for "Xcuse me. You want another blog post?"
    Y is for "Yes! Rewrite finished. (for now)"
    I love your Z

  2. My personal favorite was the N is for No. Made me laugh! Thanks!

  3. oh my god that was just awesome! thank you.

  4. Thanks Sue for the letter W.

    Lisa - This morning I got the letter N from a subway ticket vending machine. Fiendish letter!

    Sara - I still use my fingers to get from the letter L to O.

    This comment was brought to you by the letters L and F.

  5. Just a few days ago the thought came to me to write an ABC about the alphabet. Hooray, you got the message from the universe, too, and moved with it. L is for Love and best wishes, Maralee

  6. This is a perfect mix, detailing the manic-depressive states I imagine most writers go through. I mean you've got B balance out U and so on. This is a new favorite post, and oddly, inspirational to me because you get me, Lupe! You get what a roller-coaster my writing journey is!

  7. Maralee - The letter L is one of the middle children of the alphabet. L feels closer to M and O and awkward around K.

    Lori W. - Conjuring up a comment for X was inspirational, if I may say so. Xenon is an overlooked element. Sure Carbon is all the rage today, but do people realize the contributions of Xenon in our everyday lives?

    Abs of Gallium.

  8. Porsha - Glad the post was helpful.

    Lupe F.

  9. This is a great post and explains it all. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kristi - Glad you found the post valuable. I may try something similar using Cuneiform script.

    Lupe F.

  11. Dear Pen and Ink,

    I is for "I'm your biggest fan."

  12. Dear Senor Christopher,

    G is for Gracias.

    Senor L.


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