Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time Management: Non-Writing Activities

by Lupe Fernandez

The demands on this writer's life are multiple.


  1. This is great. Working for a Living is quite small . . . I love that Brooding and Leaping to Conclusions are included. Leaping to Conclusions is a favorite use of time for me.

  2. Lori - Since El Employer doesn't pay me to write, I'm not giving them free publicity. My old man taught me how to Brood, and Leaping helps with plot lines, but plays havoc with one's personal life.

    For example: Lori W. comments on my blog, therefore Lori W. must like my work, and thus I conclude Lori W. must like... arggg, there I go again.

    Shuffling to Hypothesis

  3. Surfing the web and eating are a few of my favorite pasttimes. I always tell myself I will get back on track. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.

  4. Kristi - Hmm....surfing the web. Some many sites, so little time. I'm a fast eater, but I often eat in front of the computer while I'm surfing. Fortunately, I have a critique group, so I have to produce pages.

    Lupe F.

  5. Wow! Our pictures aren't alike, but out time management sure is. I would add to that deleting,reading,answering email.

  6. Sue, I left out a few other activities who's inclusion would provoke an FCC investigation.


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