Wednesday, July 5, 2017



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                Things change.  Needs change.  After 429 blog posts, eight years and who knows how many batches of Hilde's famous chocolate chip cookies, the four founders of The Pen and Ink Blog need to say farewell to the beloved Pen and Ink Blog and its cherished readers.  Thank you all for your support, encouragement and friendship over the years.  In the writing trenches, you are the readers who had our backs and we are grateful. 
                Below are the farewell thoughts from my co-founders.  We had some fun times together and supported each other through thick and thin.  Among my personal favs that will stay with me forever were the great times at the SCBWI conventions, fab posts by the kids, hamsters, pirates and ah, you know the rest.  I love you all – always.
Write On – Kris Kahrs
Eight years ago, Kris suggested we do a blog. I laughed. “Who would want to read anything I write?” I was brand new to the world of children’s publishing and didn’t think anyone would want to hear what I had to say. But somehow, everyone got me on board, and we launched the Pen and Ink Blog, which ironically, was a name suggestion from me.

What did I learn? So much. First of all, it inspired me to write a YA book and I completed it and have been submitting it. That happened because of the amazing replies to our post, all that I learned from the posts, and feeling supported as a writer.

I had been an actor once upon a time and can tell you that it does tend to crush your soul. How different to be lifted up by your peers and others in this industry who have reached a high level of success and to be told that you, too, will be worthy one day and not to give up on your book.

And while we’re going to be dormant for a bit, our blog will stay up so you can enjoy some of the fun we created over the years. And who knows, we may pop back in and say hello. But know this, your support has meant a great deal, especially to me, and when I succeed in publishing my book, YOU will be the first to know.

From all of us at Pen and Ink, thank you for your friendship and collaboration. Happy Writing.


by Lupe Fernandez
First Draft: (mic drop)
Second Draft: Dear Gentle People, I'd like to <WARNING! WARNING!> This the a Test of the Emergency Management Quality Control. Had this been a real blog post, our Foreign Correspondent wouldn't be a sluggard at reporting from the Northern Hinderlands and we would have more posts to post. And now back to your regularly scheduled blog in progress... the one about the Maine Coon cat and the tuna fish? Hahahahahaha!
Third Draft: I thank my colleagues Hilde, Kris and Susan for their encouragement in writing essays for the Pen And Ink blog. This is the end of this post, but the work continues. Ciao.

      Pen and Ink will always be a joy to me. We are leaving up the site so you can enjoy some of our jokes like the pirate alphabet and first line posts and recipes Someday we may be back, who knows. In the meantime we wish you every kind of good reading and great luck publishing.