The Night of the Hamster

by Penny

It was a dark and furry night. I met Hammy while working out on the wheel. He worked out regularly on the wheel and his smooth, sleek body showed his efforts. His muscles rippled sinuously under his glossy coat. His eyes were like shiny black beads. The minute I saw him, I knew it was kismet.

Hammy finished his routine and stepped down. He wasn’t even breathing hard from the run. I got on and proceeded with my run. He dug in the bedding nearby, pretending to wait for his next turn but I couldn’t help notice that he groomed himself behind the wheel instead of on the side. I decided to milk it for all it was worth and lengthened my stride at which point, I noticed his ruff got noticeably fuzzier. When I stepped off the wheel, Hammy, cleared his throat and said, “you work out here often”?

“Uh, huh,” I giggled, “it’s the only one in the habitat.”

“Oh right,” he said suddenly finding a spot on his fur that needed cleaning.

I decided to fill in the empty space. “I see you on the wheel all the time. You’re really good.” Hammy’s ruff got noticeably fuller again.

“Yeah,” he said. “I just don’t feel right, unless I get a good 5 hours on the wheel everyday. Here,” Hammy said rubbing against me, “feel that?”

I did as I was told and suddenly felt my tail rise. “Oh my,” I gasped. Being so close to Hammy, I could feel the warmth of his soft body. I could smell the pheromones that said, “I’m available, baby.” After all, I was 4 months old and not getting any younger!

Hammy showed up in my habitat the previous week and from the moment I’d seen him, I’d been straightening up the nest. Four to five litters of pups weren’t going to happen by themselves within the next eight months, I was going to need an easily coercible male.

“What’s your name?” Hammy asked.

“Penny.” I answered. “What’s yours?”

“Hammy,” he returned.

“Hey,” Hammy said, “How’d you like to go for a spin in my ball? It’s an XL-5000?”

My eyes opened wide, “Ooooh,” I said, “an XL-5000. For real?”

“Yup,” said Hammy, swelling with visible pride. “Brand new.”

“Will two of us fit?” I asked innocently.

“It may be a bit snug,” he nudged the door open with his nose, “but I think we’ll fit.”

I was breathless with excitement getting into the ball. Hammy climbed in behind me and pulled the door closed with his teeth.

The next thing I knew we were whirling across the floor in a blur bumping into tables and chairs, bouncing off walls and heading off in another direction. Our bodies tumbled over each other in a crazy ballet of passion, excitement and desire.


  1. Whoa baby! This is getting pretty intense. Are you sure this is still a blog for children's literature? Or have I stumbled into a Young Adult universe (a la hamster heaven)?

  2. This story is very nice. Interesting. An unraveling of love.

  3. An unraveling to love. The excitement of meeting. The touch of another. This is nice to read. and as Penelope above writes "hamster heavan"? :O)


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