Saturday, July 17, 2010

Favorite Writing Advice

Some of our favorite writing advice: Everyone probably has one or two bits of writing advice. Here are some of ours.

 Writing on Both Sides of the Brain by Henriette Anne Klauser

“When you first began to write, you had someone standing over you (for your own good) correcting your form, grammar, and spelling…..Today when you sit down to write, chances are that your teacher is still with you, standing over your left shoulder, correcting, critiquing, circling uppercase letters with her red pencil, and in other subtle and not so subtle ways discouraging your from writing, generally stemming the flow of words.” (Right on!! Greg Dean, a stand up comedy teacher, came up with a solution for this: Never criticize your self in your performing space. Get yourself a cheap bath rug. When you feel yourself getting ready to criticize your output, leave your performing space. Stand on the rug and critique yourself. Then return to your performing space. This really helped me. It also gets you to stand up from your computer on a frequent basis.)  Libba Bray at 2010 Writers Day suggested naming your critic. I love that one.

And from NanoWriMo: Give yourself a gift: a deadline

Jane Yolen on Writing

There is no such thing as the time fairy dropping bits of time for aspiring writers to trip over or find. If you want to be a writer, you find or make or grab or take time from whatever else is going on. Otherwise you really don’t want to be a writer, you just want to have written.

First rule of writing- B I C- Butt in chair
Second rule or writing- follow rule one.


From the Medicated and Motivated School of Writing and Anne Taintor, Ms. Dish recommends the following:

1) “Why yes, I am that kind of girl – thank you.” - Write what you know.

2) “Old enough to know better, too old to give a rat’s ass.” - Learn the rules, then break them.

3) “…And then Fairy Godmother said, ‘Mojitos for everyone!’….”  -Get it all out. Overwrite first, you can always clean up later.

4) “A true friend would help hide the body.” - Get someone to edit your work in an objective manner.



"Always start with a fresh tablet."  Hammurabi, King of Babylon

"And the Lord said, 'smite the Adverbs, for they are a blight upon thy manuscript.'"
3:14 Book of Grammar


"A little sacrifice goes a long way."
Tezcatlipoca, Aztec Sun God

"Sharpen thy quill, scribble on thy parchment and heed not the call of naysayers."
St. Ernesto, Patron Saint of Unpublished Writers

 "Find the gold in your landscape."
Hernando Cortez, Spanish Conquistador

"Fear not to cut, cut and cut."
Jack The Ripper

"Every period is a revolution."
Pancho Villa, Mexican Revolutionary

"Ahhhh....write some 'em about rabbits."
Bugs Bunny

"Whadda I look like, Pablo Neruda?"
Joe the Cook, Good Grub Diner

What was the advice that stuck with you?


  1. What a wise and funny group of people!

  2. Tank you Janet, Great compliment coming from you.

  3. Sue, these are wonderful!! Funny and informative too! The best advice given to me was "Just do it!"

  4. Thank you Nancy, "Just do it." is great advice.


  5. Good advice shared with a touch of humor is always well taken.

  6. Mary Ann,
    I like good humor taken with a touch of advice.
    Lupe F.


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