Monday, September 10, 2012

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Photo courtesy of Illustration Friday & Melissa Sweet
by Kris Kahrs

Because we never have enough new friends around here at The Pen and Ink Blog, we'd like to share some of our favs with you.  The talented, the creative, the brave, the committed -- Illustrators and Authors alike.  They have been our favorite partners in crime:

Megan Frances - Illustrator and Writer
Megan is always a delight.  Her illustrations are imaginative and ethereal.

Amy Goldman Koss
Reading Amy is like eating chocolate.

Judy Enderle, Stephanie Gordon - Writers
Judy and Stephanie have played pirates with us and mentored hamsters.  Their blog is as inspired as they are.
Judy, Dawne Knobbe, Chheryl Zach and Laurie Knowlton started a new blog this week.  The Book Mavens

Ann Whitford Paul - Writer
Ann has a beautiful, playful blog.

Catherine Lee - Illustrator/Writer
Catherine has a couple of well-done sites: blog, website & facebook page.  Beautiful to behold.

Paula Yoo - Writer
Always, always, fun and fab.

If these sites don't inspire, then ye hearts be made of stone!  Enjoy.


  1. Judy Enderle's new blog debuts Wednesday.

  2. I'm so amazed. I just wrote on facebook that I miss being on here as the mexican-in-residence states I am "illustrator-in-residence" hahaha. Thanks so much Inkies for giving me a chance to do some lovely interviews of people I consider to be some of the best. And Kris ...awwwww.... you listed me. What a sweetheart! I've gotta bring some stuff to you guys. I wish I could be more apart of the Witches of Eastwick group! That was a neat interview! Have a nice weekend ..and thanks for the publicity post! Miss you guys!


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