Monday, November 18, 2013

Update from NaNoWriMo
The Pep Talks

By Susan J Berger

Yes I am doing it again. The absolutely insane world of trying to write a first draft in a month.

And one of the things that keeps me going, particularly after I have slogged through some swampy part of the manuscript sinking in the terribleness of my plot-less prose, are the Pep Talks

Right now I am beginning week three and these talks tell me I am not alone. Some of the writers whose work I most admire have been where I am right now.

The Pep Talks are wonderful things to read when you need a bit of encouragement. Here are a few of my favorites.

On each of the talks you will find links to their websites and books.

Tamora Pierce





                          Neil Gaiman


Gail Carson Levine



John Green

  Meg Cabot


  Wendy Mass

There are many, many, more. Happy writing.


  1. I'm doing NaNo. I'm behind. But I'm not giving up!

  2. You guys make me so proud. I should have done one. But can it count if I have been helping 32 kids start their drafts? I still have another revision to go on my current novel, so I think I'd better get that one in the can, as they say in Hollywood Speak.

    Great job Sue. I loved the talks. So cool. Next year for sure, I am going to do it. Hilde

  3. I'm still not convinced of the why. If you go at your own pace, I think you're more likely to write a better, more thoughtful book.

    1. This is about getting the first draft of a book. A first draft is rough and ugly and only a mother or father could love it. (Or read it.)
      The book becomes much better on the fourth or fifth draft. My 2009 Nano novel will be released next year by Soul Mate Publishing.


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