Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm Just Here for the Cake.

By the entire team at
Pen and Ink:
Hilde Garcia, Sue Berger, Kris Kahrs,
David Krol- our tech guy, and
Sam and Victoria Krol,
our junior correspondents.

This weekend marked Pen and Ink’s first face-to-face meeting since
the SCBWI Summer Conference of 2013.

Back Story
We had a bet. Lupe once told me he would never find true love. I  told him he was full of beans. And I bet him $5 he would. And that I be at the wedding with cookies.   Saturday morning, May 24th,  Lupe paid up with cold hard cash. And I handed over the cookies- surprisingly, after a nine hour road trip and a midnight meeting of the Pen and Ink Females and a bottle of wine,
there were still quite a few left.


 The wedding took place at Seymour Marine Discovery Center in Santa Cruz

5:45pmish    Angel walks down the aisle. Lupe is enraptured. I am leaking tears left and right. Against all odds, he was happy. Against a crazy schedule, my family and Sue, Kris (and Sandro), my extended family members, were there to watch it too.



5-10pmish      Drinking, dancing, drinking, eating, dancing, laughing… the most fun wedding and I have been to many. The key? Family and friends and  warmth everywhere in that room.  

The Gang's all dressed up!




Victoria, our Junior Inker, conducted interviews with guests between dances: 
“You know what’s funny, my Uncle Lupe used to call me baby, because I was the youngest.  And so then, I would call him baby too.  And now that I am all grown up and I tried calling him baby, he said, “Aren’t we a little old for that?”  We laughed. 
Daniel Dancing

“I worked with Lupe for several years. I am happy for Lupe and Angel because I have known him for a very long time and I wanted him to find a perfect person.  He did.

Joy and her family
I met Lupe at CSUN when were doing Film together and I am happy for Lupe
and Angel because they are perfect for each other. 
I am happy for Lupe and Angel because they are happy with each other.

I'm Lupe's nephew and I am very happy for Uncle Lupe and Tia Angel. 
Christopher, Lupe's nephew and biggest fan
Lupe’s wedding was an example that nothing in life is ever over.
You never know where life will take you.

So this week, instead of writing advice, we are going to share with you life advice, which will always fuel your writing. 
Live.  Love.  Laugh
Sometimes, people meet by magic and that’s the way it has to be.
CONVERSATION at 12am the night of the wedding in room 134: 

SUE- What advice do you have for Lupe?

       KRIS- Have a wedding every year.

SUE- What is bad advice you can give them? 
KRIS- Didn’t I just do that?  Remember to invite me.
 SUE- Top two things from the wedding. 
KRIS- Being together with everyone-
that was fun that was the best part, it doesn’t matter the occasion. 

     DAVE- Hey I gave the gift of rap, nuff said.
 TORI- I danced until my feet burned.
SUE- What was your favorite
thing about wedding, Victoria?

TORI- Lupe and Angel. Nuff said.

SUE- Sam, any advice for the happy couple.
SAM- Kiss the bride, a lot.
DANIEL- What’s the key to a happy wedding and marriage?

DAVE- Say yes dear, a lot.

Happy Wedding Lupe and Angel.  

May your life be blessed with health, happiness and Hilde’s cookies.




  1. Don't forget to send my tin.


    The Baker

    1. The tin smells like cookies. I will sent it to you after the aroma wears off.
      Cookie Craver

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Megan.
      The Pen & Ink Groom

  3. Fabulous wedding. Hilde forgot to mention it was in Santa Cruz. Loved every minute of the adventure.

    1. Santa Cruz? I thought we were in Cancun. Dang!
      Quintana Roo

  4. Hi Sue, thanks for sharing happy pictures of the wonderful event! I'm glad they found each other and wish them the blessings of years and years of happiness.

    1. I'm glad they found each other too.
      Match Box

  5. Ahhh . . . what a lovely memento. Congratulations Lupe and Angel!!!

    1. Thanks Laurie.
      Memo to Myself

  6. All I can say is WOW! Wish I had been there too. This is what weddings should be - love, wonderful friends and relatives. Spend love on your wedding - not money. We had out daughter's wedding and reception in our back yard - the love and the flowers all bloomed together. The memories are still happy. . . and so vivid!!

    Margot Finke

    1. Thanks Margot.
      I Think I was there

  7. Lovely wedding and lovely post. All best wishes to the happy couple!

    1. Thanks Nancy,
      The Happy Couple

  8. Best wishes to Lupe and Angel. Many, many, many years of happiness!


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