Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Year of Spectacular Postings

Photo by L. Fernandez
Pen & Ink is One Year Old
...but only for two more weeks and three days.

In honor of our anniversary, we are offering a Peer Review Critique! We build our email list. You get a critique of the first three pages of your current MS. Everybody wins.

We are not agents nor editors, we are writers, we understand how you feel. We know sometimes, a new pair of eyes works wonders.

In these tough economic times, it's nice to know that some things are still free!

This limited time offer begins November 1st and ends November 30th, 2010.
What kind of critique?

That depends on which one of us does the critique. We all have different strengths.
  • Hilde G. the quietest member of our group, will search for voice and help you strengthen it. 
  • Lupe F. caresses characters, palpitates plots, and strokes styles. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Outcall Service Available.
  • Sue B. often swirls your thoughts around in her magic teapot and puts them in a new order.
  • Kris K., the picture book writer and sanest member of our group excels at logic problems, fact verification and all things grammatical.
  • Must be first three pages of your story.
  • One story per author.
  • Please do not submit unedited Nano Pages.
  • Submit to Put Critique request in the subject line.
  • Provide us with your name, email address, genre and a brief synopsis in an email and then attach your document.
Happy Writing!


  1. Still deciding which will be the first pages. :) Glad there's time.

  2. Free critiques! What a generous thing to do for the writing community.
    This is my first visit here.)

  3. Wow that's awesome. My first manuscript is a picture book, only 4 pages total! Curious about your feedback.

  4. Lori - Don't Delay/Submit Today.
    Amy - Visit more often.
    Debby - We're curious about your book.
    The Management

  5. This is very generous of you! Thank you so much and Happy Anniversary!

  6. Dearest Nancy,
    Generosity is our middle name. Except for our token male colleague. Jeez. He's about as generous as a grapefruit. Did you know he wears torn shirts with missing buttons? Bachelors. (We're nodding our collective heads in bemusement.)
    The Management

  7. Thank you Hilde! Wonderful notes.

  8. Happy Anniversary!

    Thank you for doing this for us. I see above that you will take picture books as well as first pages, so I'm bravely sending mine in.

    Carol Ann

  9. Dear Carol Ann,
    Be brave.
    The Management


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