Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Am Thankful For My Writing Tools

by Sue Berger

Photo by L. Fernandez
November is thankful month so I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for modern day writing.

Aeschylus the Greek playwright, who was (supposedly) killed by a falling turtle when an eagle mistook his bald head for a rock, wrote the Oresteia on paper made from reeds.
I bless Staples and all trees everywhere.
The medieval monks copied books by hand. It could take up to a year to make a copy of a book. They were works of art with colors that have never been repeated.
I am grateful for my printer and its ten pages a minute.
Shakespeare wrote with a quill pen using an ink pot and a blotter. (I hope he wasn’t left handed. It’s much harder if you‘re left handed.)
I am thankful for my computer.
If he wanted to change a line he had to scratch through it.
I bless copy and paste.
What if James Joyce wanted to rename a character in Ulysses? It would have taken forever.
I bless find and replace.
TE Lawrence left his manuscript of Seven Pillars of Wisdom in the refreshment room at reading station.
I count my blessings every time I save and then email myself a copy of a story.
Countless authors trudge countless miles to libraries and archives to research their project.
I love libraries, but I am overwhelming thankful for the internet and its endless possibilities.
Writing is a lonely profession. You can wait a long time to find an audience for your work.
I am blessed by my critique group.
It takes a long time to hone your craft.
I am grateful to SCBWI for its events and the opportunities to meet professional in the field.

L. Fernandez is grateful for the following Writing Tools:
  • The Letter M
  • Water
  • The TV Remote
  • More Women Than Men in SCBWI
  • The Library Card
  • Shake N’ Bake
  • The Silicon Chip
  • The Electrostatic Charge
  • Deinked Pulp
  • The Gravitational Constant
  • Ms. Berger's Critiques and Comfy Chairs
  • Ms. Garcia’s Critiques and Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Ms. Kahrs’ Critiques and Groovy House

Hilde Garcia says:
I'm grateful for Kris, Lupe and Sue. Also my amazing husband Dave and my children Sam and Victoria who I love more than anything in the world. I'm also grateful to SCBWI for being a great, super fabulous organization. You guys rock! And my computer and Staples which has really great deals and rebates, you should check it out.

Ms. Kahrs is grateful for the following writing tools:

How about you, dear reader?
What writing tools fill you with gratitude?


  1. Blogs that lift the spirit and tickle my funny bone. Also, I too, am grateful for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

  2. I am grateful to my mother, who told me to write a play when I was bored on a Saturday afternoon at the age of eight. I'm also grateful to be part of the community of writer/schmoozers I've met through SCBWI-LA, my critique group, and to Pen & Ink for fun, whimsy and inspiration.

    When is Talk Like a Pirate Day?

  3. ARG! Speak as ye please and if any landlubbing, scurvy faced, barnacled nosed blackhearted dog casts a disapproving eye, run 'em through with ye cutlass and feed 'em to the sharks!
    Says we,
    The Management of the High Seas

  4. I'm grateful for my critique partners in crime who became my friends over the sharing of good and bad news. I'm grateful to the writers who bring stories to me when I feel lonely, sad and discouraged. I'm grateful to be able to write again and again when rejections could stop me.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
    Evelyne Holingue

  5. This is a fun post from the four of you. I'm grateful for my crit. group too. Couldn't do it without them!

  6. Avast ye lubbers! It's September 19th o'course! For more on this holiday for real men, haul yer carcass here:

    Hunk o' Burning Love


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