Monday, August 31, 2015

Dr. Seuss for Writers

Dr. Seuss for Writers
By Kris Kahrs

I need to write!
I need to write!
I jump out of my bed at night.
I need a pen.
I need a light.
I cannot write this way at night.
I find a pen.
Does it have ink?
I find a light above the sink.
Oh no, Oh no, the ink is pink.
I cannot use this pen I think.
I need a drink.

I have to write!
I have to write!
I hold a light to help my sight.
Between my toes, under the sheet.
I hold a light.
No easy feat (feet)!

Does my hero have a car?
Does my hero travel far?
Oh!  What a lot of verbs there are!
Which way’s the bar?

I cannot write.
I cannot write.
I am too tired, this time of night.
The words do not come out quite right.
Can I put it here or there?
Can I put it anywhere?
I don’t care.
Good night.

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