Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Pen And Ink Blog: A Conversation with Richard Peck

The Pen And Ink Blog: A Conversation with Richard Peck: by Victoria Krol and Hilde Garcia Pen and Ink met Richard Peck at the 2013 SCBWI Summer Conference.

Lately, I haven't been very inspired to write, but then I stumbled upon this amazing post by my daughter, with a little help form mom, and thought it was worthy of a re-post. And who knows, my muse may just find her way home. Click and enjoy!


  1. Hilde, your muse needs a kick-in-the-pants, mate. Just tell her you are fed up with her behavior, and have advertised for a more willing and imaginative Muse. Then, simply turn your back on her and go do something wonderful for yourself. Works every time. Guaranteed!! Now off to read about the awesome Richard Peck.

    1. You are so right. Will be firing her shortly. I should hire you! Actually my daughter is working on something and might be the best muse of all. I love, love, love this interview. She held her own at 8 with the amazing Richard Peck. Truly incredible. Happy reading and thanks for your advice. Hilde

  2. Hilde, so glad you replayed this interview. All three on the interview were wonderful


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