Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creative Workspaces of The Not-So-Rich and Obscure

by Kris Kahrs

Inspired by Kyle Cassidy’s study, “Where I Write: Fantasy & Science Fiction Authors in their Creative Spaces” on BoingBoing, I, the 4th wheel here at Pen and Ink have decided to share the creative workspaces that inspire the Pen and Ink crew.

When writing, these spaces become the temples of our practice; the laptop, the wall where we offer our missive, hitting the ‘send’ key, waiting for the munificence of an indifferent being to show up in our inbox.

Sue Berger’s Den of Inspiration

At the computer in my bedroom. My son’s dog, Diego thinks it is his duty to watch me work.
Under my computer screen are little toys of Glenda the Good Witch, and a silver Pig. There is also a little gingerbread house.

On the wall in back of the computer are pictures of my family. On the bookshelf next to my computer are many Wizard of Oz Books, The Maida Books, The Anne of Green Gables books, the E. Nesbit books, and many other favorites. There are also Muppet Baby toys, Shrek toys and Cinderella toys and some miniature cupcakes. This is my granddaughter Grace’s favorite pretend place.

I have 4 large bookshelves in my room: One has Teddy bears on top. One has Dragons, frogs and a musical carousel on top. One has the grown up Muppets on top. The fourth one has pigs on top. Next to my door is a Giant purple dragon named Charlie.

Lupe Fernandez’s Pad of Prose

Death perches on flat screen. I'm not sleeping, but concentrating on the next scene. The folder on the right is full of revisions. The bags on the floor are camera cases with photos I need to upload onto Facebook for instant appreciation. The plastic container on the desk contains water to prevent LDS (Literary Dehydration Syndrome). I'm wearing a Los Angeles Conservancy hat to prevent my brains from exploding due to a volatile mixture of plot, doubt, character, syntax, doubt, continuity, metaphors, the brilliant idea for a story I just thought of and doubt.  

Hilde Garcia’s Corner of Composition
Hilde sent in a before shot……
I get inspired on my desk when I look at my Academy Award that says BEST... when I look at the screen saver on my desk of my husband and I on our honeymoon after I had ridden a bike around the bay in Monterey- after not having ridden on in 24 years.

…..and an after.
I get inspired when I look at my photos of Maui- where I long to go...  

I get inspired when I look out to my street and see a white picket fence... a beautiful 50 year old tree that shadows my home and the squirrels that run up and down it. I get inspired when the mail man passes by, my neighbors walk their dogs and my kids escape to run next door to see Uncle Allan.
I write my stories at this desk, I dream my dreams. I often fall asleep at this desk- see other photo previously posted.
I love it late at night or early in the morning when no one is awake... even the dog is snoring.
Kris Kahrs’ Table of Turbulence

This is not so much a “creative workspace” as it is a “flat surface that isn’t the floor”. This is my dining room table and when it’s not a holiday dinner, this is where it all happens folks. I did go in for the optional 20-1b. cat accessory for additional street cred.

(Have you been to a SCBWI Writer’s Day? Whew! Tough crowd.)

Anyway, the most inspirational things about my space are the sunset outside of the doors you see in the picture, the Hollywood sign and the Observatory because they are so iconic, and an Emerson quote kept posted on the magazine holder in front of me, “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…”


  1. It was fun seeing where everyone's creating happens. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Susanne and taking a peek!

  3. My multi-functioning desk serves as a great, if not cluttered, workspace for creating my own little worlds. Of course, if I need some more inspiration, I usually go outside and smell the roses.


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